Nicole’s Rap Sheet

WANTED for acting, singing, writing songs, dancing, voice overs and modeling for print.

CONVICTIONS: Performing is in her DNA and will stop at nothing to get on a stage or in front of the camera for a living.

CHARGES: Inappropriate improv or use of accents. making people laugh too much, providing unsolicited comedy, breaking into song sparked by a single word, and giving audiences a night to remember.

WARNING: Master of disguise with a dangerously playful imagination. Most likely wearing a wig and dark sunglasses.

WHEREABOUTS: Last seen in midcoast Maine filming her YouTube series. The latest intel states she is heading to Los Angeles in June 2019.

MISC: May also be found doing yoga, wearing white linen shirts, swimming, being in nature, soaking up sunshine, and dancing her butt off hip-hop style.