The Mustang, The Hand & The Big Man      Supporting         Short             Andrew Anzora, Independent Artist 2017
Those We Leave Behind                              Supporting         Feature          Killatainment Films, 2017
Believe                                                         Featured           Short              Sweet Livin’ Productions, Production
Gather Wool                                                Lead                 Short              Owl Rock Productions, Pre-Production
Actor in Residence (2 seasons )                   Lead/Principal                         Maine Media Workshops


The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui        Giri, O’Casey                 Everyman Repertory, Rockland, ME
The Best Man                                   Mabel                            Everyman Repertory, Rockland, ME
24 Hour Theater Project                   Rachel                           Acorn Productions, Portland, ME
Whatever You Decide                       Jamie                            Acorn Productions, Portland, ME
The Servant of Two Masters             Beatrice                        Midcoast Actors’ Studio, Belfast, ME
Maine Playwrights’ Showcase                                                Midcoast Actors’ Studio, Belfast, ME
        Henny & Hitler in Hell               Eva
        Brackish Waters                        Amy
        Muffin Man                               Beverly
English Made Simple                        Jill                                  Midcoast Actors’ Studio, Belfast, ME  
Words, Words, Words                      Swift                               Midcoast Actors’ Studio, Belfast, ME
Endangered Improv                          Player                             Don’t Tell Mamma & Dillon’s Comedy Club, NY, NY
Resurrection of Clay                         Honora                           Sapien Theater Co., Under St. Marks Theater, NY, NY

VOICE-Over/ Vocals  

The Crimson Tapes                                Lead and Background               Tomazo Sounds, Tomazo Enterprises, Inc.
Admiral Academy                                  Background                               Bound Beggars, Brooklyn, NY
Save Our Music, “Lockdown”                 Lead/Writer                The Highlands Coffee House Benefit CD, Thomaston, ME
PetitionNational Park in Maine              Momma Lynx, Fish                    Natural Resources Council of ME/O’Chang Comics
Kickstarter for O’Chang Comics            Hipster Chick                           O’Chang Comics 


Hip Hop Instructor                                                                                      Studio Red, Rockland, ME
Principal Dancer, Music Video “Hang My Halo in New Orleans”                   Nicole Nadine, Brooklyn, NY
Volunteer/Mentor Hip Hop Instructor                                                         Groove With Me, Inc., NY, NY
Dancer/Guest Teacher/Choreographer                                                      Nicole Holst Dance Company, Brooklyn, NY
               Focus in Hip Hop and Contemporary styles

Dance Training     1985-Present Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Modern, Hip Hop, Afro-Brazilian – various studios, RI, NYC, ME


Acting Technique I Meisner                   William Esper Studio                   New York            
Introduction to Meisner Technique       William Esper Studio                    New York    
Michael Chekhov Technique                 Michael Chekhov Theater Co.      New York
Improv Techniques                               Endangered Improv                      New York & Maui, HI


Dialects - Brooklyn, General Southern, Standard British, New England regions, Boston 

Vocal range from Alto to Mezzo-Soprano

Basic guitar, piano, flute, harmonica

Dancer- Hip Hop, Tap, Ballet, Afro-Brazilian, Salsa, Jazz

Basic stage fencing knowledge

Languages - familiar with Spanish and French

Highly coordinated and athletic - Intermediate Yoga, Surfing, Basketball, Soccer, Softball, Biking, Hiking, Yoga, Kayaking, Sailing, Tennis, Golf, and more


Bachelor of Science    Textiles, Merchandising & Design, University of Rhode Island, Kingston, RI



Andrew Wilson 

Andrew Wilson Agency, LLC        
101 Endicott Street, Boston, MA 02113